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Quality Services for you and your family

As a black-owned healthcare facility, nothing is more important than your wellness and time. Extra Care Concerns aims to provide friendly, affordable, and noteworthy healthcare to everyone that walks through our doors. 

black primary care physician
Chronic Pain Neurostimulator

Our regular visits include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of common acute illnesses.

doctor going over wellness exam with patient
Annual Wellness Exam

Includes annual physicals, immunizations, blood work, and more. Includes health education and risk assessments.

doctor placing mask over childs face
Allergy Testing

Go over allergies, symptoms and possible medications that can aid in allergic reactions and issues.

doctor checking patients heart health

These check-ups are like friendly chats with your doctor to make sure your body is in tip-top shape. They’ll listen to your heart, take your blood pressure, and make sure everything is A-OK.

patient walking on treadmill
Weight Management

Think of it as your personal journey to a healthier you! Weight management helps you find the best ways to maintain a balanced and happy body weight through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

doctor talking with patient
Nutrition and Intervention

Experts help you create a yummy and healthy eating plan that fits your needs and goals. It’s all about feeling good from the inside out.

nurse going over common covid symptoms
COVID-19 Testing

Just a quick and gentle test to see if you’ve got the pesky COVID-19 virus. It’s like a safety check to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Black Physician
Respiratory Pathogen Panel

Doctors use this tool to figure out if any unwanted guests, like viruses or bacteria, are causing trouble in your respiratory system. 

young doctor talking with senior patient
Genetic Testing for Cancer

Your genes spill the beans about your cancer risk. This test looks into your genetic code to help you and your doctor make smart choices to stay ahead of the game.

Black Physician Smiling
Cardiac Genetic Testing

It’s like a peek into your heart’s instruction manual. This test checks if your genes have any hints about heart health, helping you take steps to keep your ticker in great shape.

Diabetes / Obesity Panel

This panel helps you understand your body’s relationship with sugar and weight.

Parkinson's and Dementia Panel

By studying your genes, doctors can catch early hints about risks for conditions like Parkinson’s and dementia, giving you a head start on care.

Doctor smiling at client
Pharmacogenomics Panel

Your genes influence how your body responds to medications. This panel helps your doctor choose the right treatments..

doctor examining xrays
Toxicology Testing

This test looks for any harmful substances in your body. It’s all about keeping you safe and sound.

black doctor going over results
UTI Testing

This quick test helps your doctor figure out if there’s a pesky infection in your urinary system.

Company Values

Quality Service

Every client that walks through our doors is treated with high-quality medical treatment and consultations. 

Respect and Courtesy

We uphold the utmost respect for our clients, and treat them all as if they were part of our family.


We aim to provide our services in a time-considerate manner, ensuring our clients do not deal with long wait times.


We strive to reach out to the ends of our community, so everyone has an opportunity to accessible healthcare.

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